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Aluminum formwork system

aluminum formwork

1. Aluminum Formwork System

Aluminium formwork is a state-of-the-art, lightweight, high concrete pouring rate for concrete forming solutions that is bespoke designed for each and every project. Upon receiving structural and architectural drawings, we design our formwork to suit your structural requirements be that an all wall or column, beam and slab construction method or even a mixture of both.

Formwork system includes: wallboard, beam board, floor board, internal corner, external corner, baseboard, early removals, etc.;

Single bracing system includes: single jacking, adjustable bracing, diagonal bracing, cross-bar, quick-disassembly scaffold pole, etc.;

Fastening system includes: screw, nut, base, gasket, pin, chip, plastic ring, PVC casing pipe, formwork removal device, release agent, etc.


The above system is suitable for high-rise residential building with storey height below 3.1m, already gradually popularized in the country and with excellent economic and social benefit.

 2.Material:  All of panels: 6061-T6 aluminum alloy

3.Product application: Monolithic casting or Separate casting(shear wall structure)

4.Inspection: Pre-assembly the panel to check product applicability before shipment

Advantage of Aluminium Formwork System 


1. Light weight, high strength and precision

The data has proved that the flexural strength of aluminum is triple higher than ordinary steel.With weight of 20-26KG/M2. Aluminum formwork is the lightest formwork for construction,which makes for easy handling.


2. Various sizes, high accuracy

The construction drawing is designed with strict structure, with little measurement error and high accuracy,which is very suitable for high rise buildings.


3. Safe and convenient construction

High loading capacity requires less use of props, reducing lost in material and labor. Workers can independently operate after simple training. 


4. Long time used

With the lowest average lost, aluminum formworks can be used up to 300 times.


5. Widely applicable 

The precise-designed formwork system applies to all kinds of building elements, such as the main wall, column, beams, stairs and balconies.


6. Excellent quality

The concrete surface is very smooth, so it can saved the swing cost and shorten the construction period.


7. High efficiency

According to different climatic conditions, the formworks can be removed in 18-36 hours.


8. Recyclable value

The used aluminum material is of greater recyclable value,several times higher than steel.


9. Independent support system

The gap between the formwork support is totally enough for passing, moving and pulling.


10. Dependable safety, environmental

The construction process is totally safe. Full aluminum structure leads to no galvanization and thus minimizes the pollution to our earth.


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